Mind the Thigh Gap

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Mind the Thigh Gap
As far as you know, we're doing great!  Everyone is awesome.  We're not one bit worried about Thigh Gap or that new tattoo we got or our careers or anything like that.
Mind The Thigh Gap is Directed by Jeff Griggs with Musical Direction by Vinnie Pillarella.  Starring: Bridget Brown, Jess Jones, Matt Russell, Jacki Schwarz, Adam Ston, Chris Vellucci.
Written by: Nick Adams, Matt Carpenter, Conor Cawley, Matt Herzau, David Ibarra, Kaitlyn Jeffers, Alasadair Thornton and Joe Williams.
Fridays at 9pm from August 29 - September 26
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students