Real Talk Tonight!

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Real Talk Tonight!
Real Talk Tonight! is a new-fangled late night talk show hip to old fashioned sensibilities. This isn't your grandpa's old radio program - it's much less racist, way grosser and even more contemporary. Also there's broads and it's in live action technicolor! Join the entire ThreeDayWeekend gang live for a completely new show every Friday in the de Maat theatre at 10:30PM. Featuring a full cast of familiar faces for hilarious monologue and desk jokes, sketch comedy, video segments, live correspondent special reports, guest appearances, and musical performances. Remember kids: it’s not the size of the desk, it’s how you use it! 3D glasses not included with ticket because you're already in 3D. 
Written & performed by ThreeDayWeekend (including but limited to April Cowgur, Jacob Cox, Tommy P. Delnuit, Jordan Ehrlich, Ramsen Isaac, Holly Lambert, Tim Mulcrone, Katy Sellers, Patrick Thornton, & Li-ning Yeh).  Find ThreeDayWeekend on Facebook for weekly show & guest updates:  
Fridays @ 10:30pm, March 7th - April 18th.  Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students & $6 - Training Center Students.