Land O' Lakes: I Can't Believe It's Not A...

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Land O' Lakes: I Can't Believe It's Not A...
Have you ever wanted to change the world but felt no one was listening? Then hop on back to 1943 and see how one girl can do just that. But is it for the better?
A musical of Buttery Proportions!
Students of the training center spent sixteen weeks together, experimenting with various musical improvisation exercises, taught by various guest instructors, which culminated with developing an original musical via improvisation. 
Written by and Featuring:
Molly Todd, Cathy McNamara, Erin Schaut, Moog Hescock, Geno Alesandrini, Rob Holmes, Davide Grody, Gavin Donnellan. 

Directed by:
Jay Steigmann

Music by:
Jeff Bouthiette
Fridays: May 5th - May 31st @ 7:30pm
At Second City- DeMaat Theater
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students