I Am My Own Hero

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I Am My Own Hero
Who is your hero? Great, now imagine that I said it in a really sexy voice- "Who's your hero?" Now picture me clad in leather and with a gimp mask on and I'm growling it through the zipper mouth- "Who's your hero?" Well, it was probably muffled, so like- "fhooof yow hewoa?" Sweet! Now, imagine that you're in a plushy costume. Like a pink bunny. "Fhoof yow hewoa?"  Great, have the whole picture in your head? Guys, this show is nothing like that. Come see me pay tribute to everyday people who are rife for heroedom. (which autocorrect insists isn't a word, but I strongly disagree.)
Friday, 10:30pm, January 4
Tickets: $10 - General, $8 - Students and $5 - Training Center Students